Will Today Be Your Perfect Hair Day?

Having beautiful shiny hair can make the difference between a dull look and a vivid exiting look. Learn all about Jericho Skincare hair products and the how to get a healthy, gorgeous looking hair.

Minerals from the Dead Sea are beneficial to our body in so many ways. Hair, from the roots to the skin around the skull, needs care and attention just like any other part of our body- in order to look its best. Jericho Skincare hair products contain a wonderful combination of Dead Sea Minerals, essential oils and natural extracts, which nourish the hair from the roots to the tips.

To get the perfect hair you need to start… where else? In the roots!

Facial skin masks are very popular, but hair masks are not as common, although not less important. If you dye your hair on a regular basis, it is important to use a hair mask on a weekly basis. If you suffer from dry or damaged hair, you might want to use a hair mask as a conditioner after every wash. Enriched with Dead Sea salt and Jojoba oil, Jericho Cosmetics Mineral mask strengthens your hair and keeps it shiny and healthy. It contains natural oils that insert moisture back into you hair, making it feel softer and adding volume to the hair.

Match your hair with the perfect shampoo…

Jericho Mineral Shampoo contains moisturizing lavender oil, geranium and aloe extract that give hair intense shine and considerable strength. High concentrations of Dead Sea mud and salts clean and brighten hair and stimulate root cells leaving you with gorgeous, healthy tresses.

Jericho Black Mud shampoo has been specifically developed for people with skin ailments. Medical tests have proved that the specially formulated combination of natural Dead Sea salts and mud provide general relief from the symptoms of seborrhea dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin-related ailments. The organic compounds also help to regulate secretions of the sebaceous glands, thereby preventing the weakening of hair follicles and formation of acne. Lavender, vitamin E and avocado oils work together to moisturize and condition hair in a natural way.

Don’t forget the conditioner…

In order to style your hair the way you like it, it’s important to use conditioner after every time you shampoo. Conditioner coats the hair with a silky seal that gives your hair the shine you want, and make it easier to handle.

Jericho Balsam Conditioner is formulated as a conditioner to address overall hair care. Jericho Balsam Conditioner moisturizes hair with all-natural extracts and oils including: carrot oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe extract, and geranium extract. This abundance of potent moisturizers and conditioners leaves hair with an incredible feel, flexibility, and the strength needed for everyday styling.

Hair Tip from Jericho Skincare: always dry your hair before combing it- combing wet hair can cause multi-breakage and an increase in split ends.

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