The perfect solution!

With the weather cold outdoors and the heat running indoors, your skin can become extremely dry, itchy, and flaky.

The winter just started but we have the perfect solution for you – JERICHO PREMIUM BODY BUTTER!

Our new Jericho Premium Body Butter is a combination of Shea butter, which melts onto your skin and absorbs rapidly without leaving any oily residue, and Dead Sea minerals, which rejuvenates the skin. This combination gives your skin the healthy glow it desires. With added vitamins A and E, this combination is perfect for nurturing your skin without clogging your pores.


Jericho Premium Body butter is good for the entire body; especially those rough places like the elbows, knees and legs. Our rich formulation will penetrate your skin and will make you feel smooth, relaxed, and fresh.

Get equipped with our luscious Jericho Premium Body Butter, and trade itchy, dry skin for a moisture rich sensation!

Now available at for only $64.99 Regular price:$84.99

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