Apr 15

Dead Sea tonerKeeping clean skin and unlogged pores is the basic key for having clear and healthy looking skin. Recently we have been coming across many questions from customers about the importance of using a daily toner, and the difference between the Dead Sea toner and Dead Sea facial scrub. Read the entire post to find out more!

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Feb 11

Using a Dead Sea body scrub of a regular basis can promote smooth, silky looking skin. The tiny grains exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. The new surface of the skin will breathe easier, look and feel much better…
There’s nothing like the tingling sensation of a deep cleaned skin after a warm shower…. Choose the right body scrub for you from five different body scrubs by Jericho.

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Dead Sea Body Scrub

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Feb 16

Jericho Dead Sea Salts

Your skin wraps your entire body, keeping it whole, helping you breath, excreting toxins and so much more. Therefore, your body care should focus on skin just as much as you focus on exercising and healthy nutrition. Learn how to achieve the perfect skin that will wow them all!

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