Feb 20

Get your skin ready for spring by organizing all your skin care and beauty products, and ensure a glowing gorgeous skin by spring time! This is the perfect time to renew your skin after the cold winter, and refresh your skincare routine.

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Dead Sea Skincare routine

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Feb 11

Using a Dead Sea body scrub of a regular basis can promote smooth, silky looking skin. The tiny grains exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. The new surface of the skin will breathe easier, look and feel much better…
There’s nothing like the tingling sensation of a deep cleaned skin after a warm shower…. Choose the right body scrub for you from five different body scrubs by Jericho.

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Dead Sea Body Scrub

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Jan 7

Why is Dead Sea Mud so Good for Your Skin?

It’s black and it smell of minerals like sulphur, but this stuff is really great for skin care, and can really transform your skin from looking dull and flaky to glowing and healthy. The mud has natural silica in it, which has the ability to dry and harden. Once it hardens on the skin it does two major things: one, all the nutrients get deeply absorbed into the skin, and second, all the residues and impurities found deep in the layers of the skin are extracted once you rinse it off.

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Dead Sea Mud Products

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Dec 23

By now you already know that Dead Sea products are amazing for your skin care routine. But did you know that minerals from the Dead Sea that are found in Jericho skincare products are also beneficial for reducing your stress levels?

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Dead Sea Bath Salts

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Dec 13

f you have been looking in the mirror lately and thinking your skin looks tiered, dull or has an uneven tone, it’s probably time for a quick facial. A Dead Sea facial treatment can easily transform the way your skin looks and feel, and make it radiant, smooth and even looking. Read how to get the perfect Dead Sea Facial in just 4 steps!Dead Sea Facial

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Dec 9

Jericho Skincare has the Best Holiday Skincare Gifts for you… Find gifts for her, for him and for you in this blog post!

Dec 9

Read Jericho Skincare’s gift guide and find a gift for any one on your list!

Dec 2

In case you didn’t know (click here if you’d like to read more about the Dead Sea), the dead sea is located on the lowest place on earth, so deep that is reaches many minerals that cannot be found in any other sea. Therefore, the mud harvested from the bottom is so rich in minerals and salts and has so many health benefits….

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Dead Sea Mud Mask

May 9

We love it when people enjoy our products so it will be great if you could take some time out to write a review of the product(s) you purchased. Your feedback will help other Dead Sea enthusiasts make better choices. Share the way you use a product, how has is benefited your skin and how much would you recommend others to buy it. Your opinion on different products can help everyone have a better shopping experience. enter to win and learn more here

May 9

Dead Sea Eye Gel can help reduce signs of aging, puffiness around the eyes and dark circles. Regular use of Dead Sea eye gel is highly recommended if you want to improve the appearance of your eyes.

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