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Jericho Skin Care products, developed from the mud and salts of the Dead Sea, contain essential minerals to nurture your skin and enhance your entire well being.

Jericho Skin Care is the top source for Dead Sea Skin Care, Bath and Spa Products. Made of natural ingredients from the Dead Sea, all products contain nutrients unlike any other skin care regimen – with a rejuvenating, age-defying and environmentally-friendly blend of hydrating components, for smooth healthy skin and natural beauty.

In our blog you will find endless beauty tips, skincare facts and interesting information about Dead Sea minerals. We’d love to get your comments on our blog posts!

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2 Responses

  1. dendy Says:

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Mineral makeup Says:

    Mud and sea salt are the best natural option for skin cleanser because mud and sea salt contains a lot of minerals or ingredients which are really helpful for them who are fed up of using skin products contains chemicals which make skin rough and bad using chemicals again and again. Nice option for skin care.