Time to Be Thankful for Skin Care

Skin care is a big part of our life, and the holiday season is no reason to neglect your skin care routine. On the contrary, all the joy and excitement makes  us feel festive and special.  With all this joy around, have your skin looking as glowing on the outside as you feel on the inside.

The holiday season is upon us, and Thanksgiving is getting closer. Along with the joy and excitement, you might be preoccupied with getting ready for all the family gathering and traveling. The holiday season also makes us all want to look and feel our best. Some are even feeling anxious about adding a few pounds to their weight because of all the extra meals and holiday temptations.

With all this fuss, one important thing to keep in mind during the holiday season is adequate skin care.  This Thanksgiving, be prepared to give thanks for healthy, beautiful looking skin. And since the turkey, cranberries and pumpkins are an inevitable part of the holiday, learn about their benefits and how they can help to keep your skin looking like a real celebration:

Apples – One of nature’s best sources for antioxidants! Apples are also full of essential vitamins and minerals which good for your health and skin.  According to nutritionists, Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples are the best for skin because they contain an abundance of collagen and elastin. Eating raw apples can help the body produce antioxidants to prevent cell and tissue damage. For rejuvenated skin use Jericho Active Serum, filled with antioxidants and minerals from the Dead Sea.

Cranberry – Cranberries have an abundant source of vitamins C, B3 and B5 and antioxidants. Drinking cranberry juice helps prevent urinary infections, reduce cholesterol levels, and prevent plaque formation on teeth. The ellagic acid found in cranberries may also help keep skin toned and revitalized during the holiday season.  Check out Jericho Foaming Body Scrub, made with natural moisturizers vitamin C and B5.

Potatoes – Potatoes are a great source of nutrition for you inside and out. Containing nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, potatoes provide excellent nourishment for skin care.  Try rubbing a piece of potato under your eyes to help reduce dark circles, or you can apply Jericho Eye Gel on a daily basis, which includes magnesium and other minerals.

Pumpkin – Pumpkin is also good for you inside and out, since it is high in protein, vitamins C and E, several of the B vitamins, fundamental minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Experience Jericho Exfoliating Facial Mask for a deep skin clean rich with minerals and vitamins.

Turkey – Low in fat and full of folic acid!  Turkey is a great source of protein, vitamin B complex, zinc, iron, selenium, and potassium.  Also, the nutritional value of turkey has been found to help keep blood cholesterol down, protect against birth defects, cancer and heart disease, aid in nerve function and growth, boost the immune system, regulate blood pressure, and generally assist in our healing process.
Jericho Skin Care Tip: Take a moment to be thankful for all the positive things that happened to you over this past year. Gratefulness is a wonderful feeling!

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