Five Reasons to Use Facial Masks

If you think that washing your face day and night regularly and applying facial toner after each wash means you don’t need to use a facial mask, think again. Here are five reasons why applying facial masks is so important.

  1. Deeper cleansing- Regular cleansing removes dirt from the surface level of the skin, while facial masks actually draw impurities out of the skin, from the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  2. Fight dead skin cells- Facial masks help exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores, which ensure your skin will look more toned, hydrated, and have better absorbency of your skincare products such as moisturizer and serum.
  3. Better feel- Facial masks help to stimulate blood circulation; better blood circulation means your skin will feel smother and softer than usual.
  4. Improve overall health- Facial masks improve the overall health of your skin, making it look younger and radiant. Facial masks also flush out accumulated toxins, and clear up blemishes, which helps to keep your skin healthier.
  5. Because it’s fun! Yes, using facial masks on a regular basis is not only good for your skin, but it is also lots of fun to discover your new skin once you rinse of the mask. Make it your own special time, close your eyes, light up a scented candle and just clear your mind. After you rinse the mask off, you will feel much more refreshed and your skin will be glowing.

Facial masks should be applied 1-2 times a week, after cleansing your face with soap and water, but before you apply any toner.  Recommended usage may vary, depending on your skin type and the types of mask you are choosing. For example, use the Peel-off Mineral Mask 1-2 times a week if you have dry skin, but if you have regular skin complexion, it is advised to use it 2-3 times a week. If you have oily skin, you may use the Purifying Mud Mask even 4 times a week.

Jericho Skin Care Tip: Before applying a facial mask, rub on s smidge of Jericho Eye Gel around eyes to protect delicate skin around the eyes from dehydration.

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