Experience Jericho Black Mud Soap- only $4.99 for a limited time

Now it’s easier than ever to experience the unique effect of Jericho Black Mud soap, rich in minerals from the Dead Sea, that penetrate the skin and transform it from within!

Jericho luxurious Black Mud Soap deeply cleanses the skin while infusing it with revitalizing minerals from the Dead Sea. Pure and natural black mud from the Dead Sea is ideal for removing impurities without stripping the skin’s delicate moisture balance, and also restoring the skin’s pH balance. the unique combination of minerals enlivens and the skin, and is especially helpful to treat acne conditions and other skin disorders. 

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Now you can enjoy it yourself or offer as a gift- Jericho Black Mud Soap is only $4.99! (This is a limited time offer, while supply lasts)

For best results while using Black Mud Soap: Work up a soft lather from the soap and apply in circular motion all over your face, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse well with water and pat dry.

The Secret of the Minerals

One of the great advantages with skincare products that are made with Dead Sea minerals is that those minerals are antiseptic, meaning they treat the damaged skin while the healthy skin around it remains unharmed. For example, when you suffer from acne, of breakouts, your skin has both clear areas and inflamed ones. When you use s products with Dead Sea minerals, such as the Black Mud Soap, you can treat your condition without drying out the healthy clear areas on your skin.

Another advantage of the Dead Sea mud is its ability to absorb and draw toxins and excess oils from the skin. Therefore, a regular use of the Dead Sea Mud soap can clear up your skin more thoroughly than other soaps, living it feeling tightened and bacteria free.

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Jericho Skin Care Tip: After washing your skin with Jericho Dead Sea Mud Soap use Jericho Toner to revive the skin and keep its natural moisture.

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2 Responses

  1. annisa Says:

    hi there,
    im order jericho black mud soap, and i havent use it. i buy from amazon site. this soap can i use to body or not? because i have acne on my back.
    please advice me. thanks

  2. admin Says:

    You can use it on your face or body as needed!