Create Your Personal Dead Sea Kit

Don’t you wish sometimes you could have the perfect combination of beauty and skincare products that could answer your needs perfectly? Whether you want to nourish the skin, purify it or treat something specific, well, we just did all the hard work for you. All you need to do is choose your match.

The Purifying Collection- Purifying the skin is one of the most important and basic steps in skin care. Keeping the skin clean and clear eliminates bacteria that causes breakouts and impurities. In addition, clogged pores and dead skin cells make the skin look unhealthy and stale.

If you want to have purified, clear, and healthy looking skin you will need:  Jericho Purifying Mud Mask, Foaming Facial Scrub, Dead Sea Black Mud Soap and Skin Toner.

The Nourishing Collection – As we grow older, skin losses its natural moisture and elastic qualities.  Nourishing the skin on a daily basis can significantly slow down the appearance of wrinkles, and help the skin to look younger.

If you feel your skin is drying up and you wish to nourish it with all the right vitamins and minerals you will need: Restoring Day Cream, Intensive Night Cream, Facial Pearl Mask and Jericho Active Serum.

The Acne Treatment Collection – Acne is a skin condition caused by clogged pores and/ or excess sebum (oil created by the skin). Many suffer from acne long after their teenage years, and it is important to treat acne with the right skincare routine, along with medical treatment (when needed).

If you suffer from acne and wish to eradicate it you will need:  Acne Soap, Cleanser, Peel-off Mineral Mask and Skin Toner.

The Energizing Collection – Excessive sun light, smoking, and air pollution can cause dull and tired looking skin. Energizing the skin cells and blood flow can refresh your look and revive the skin immediately.

If you have tired looking skin and you wish to energize it you will need: Jericho Exfoliating Facial Mask, Facial Massage Cream, Mineral Serum and Dead Sea Salt Soap.

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