Boo! Halloween Is No Reason to Have a Horrid Looking Skin…

Halloween is almost here… While decorating your home with spooky spider webs and skeletons, you are probably working on your costume for this year’s party. Since costumes usually involve makeup, glitters and glue, here are some safety tips to help you keep a healthy, clear looking skin after all the parties are over.

Halloween makes us all feel like children again; the joy of putting on a costume, even if it’s just for one night, is priceless. But then again, as adults, we must take a few precautions if we want to drop the costume without keeping that witch look on our skin… Costumes, make-up and funny shoes are all fun to try on, but here are some pointers that will help you get through Halloween without affecting your skin and your health:

  • Latex Masks- Don’t wear masks if you know you are allergic to latex. If you have sensitive skin, the latex in the mask might cause irritation. Even if you’re not allergic, it’s important to clean your face with facial soap and toner in order to clear the pores, since latex mask might cut the air flow to the skin, causing excess sweat. Having clear pores may prevent infections and breakouts.
  • Glue- Thinking of gluing a beard on your face? You might want to reconsider that… even special glue that is safe to use on the face can cause rashes, irritations and blemishes. Be very careful when applying glue on the face, and never apply near the delicate eye area.
  • Halloween Makeup- In order to get the right effect for your costume, you might need to use excessive makeup, not necessarily the kind of makeup you use on a daily basis. In order to avoid bad skin reactions, make sure to try out the makeup a few days before Halloween, and see if your skin develops a bad reaction. Also, choose products that are suitable for your skin type. Finally, be extra careful around the eyes area and don’t use any of these products too close to your eyes.
  • Bacteria Free Makeup- Bacteria can lurk in makeup and infection can easily travel from one person to another by sharing the same products. Try not to borrow any of your friends makeup, especially not any eye products such as mascara, eyeliner etc. Another good tip to avoid contamination is to use disposable sponges and applicators. Don’t be tempted to use last years’ Halloween makeup- old cosmetics are the perfect place for bacteria to grow.
  • Clean Your Skin- The most important thing to do is to clean all makeup residues at the end of the evening. Don’t be tempted to crash into bed with your makeup still on! Removing all off your make-up is important to avoid breakouts and allergic reactions the next day. Use Jericho Makeup Removing Facial Wipes to remove makeup, and then wash your face with a Foaming Facial Scrub. After patting the skin dry, apply Jericho Skin Toner to eliminate any impurities that may be still hiding beneath the skin’s surface.

Jericho Skincare Tip: 2010 most popular costumes are Lady Gaga, Alice in Wonderland, Neytiri (Avatar), Queen of Hearts, and of course, Vampires!

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