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Work, work, work! It’s a lifestyle that can produce negative results if not supplemented with the right support. Whether you are a farmer out in the field, a business analyst behind a desk, or an artist in a studio, the physical and mental stresses of a long day are sure to pull you down. It is easy to fall into a vicious cycle where fatigue and pressure can get the best of you. Finding the right ways to relax and let loose after work is essential for long term sustainability.  Once you’ve given your body the nourishment it needs, you will find you will have more energy to do the work you need and want to do.

Bath Salt Coarse 700gr_S

While there are many means for relaxation, the bath is a classic choice to unwind and calm the body down.  That being said, there is a large range of bath options. Bubble baths accompanied with yellow ducks may work for some, while others might prefer the steams of a burning Turkish bath. However, the features of a bath should not be taken lightly. On top of setting a mood and giving distractions to play with in the water, the ingredients in your bath can affect your health.

Sprinkling in the Dead Sea bath salts is like adding toppings to your ice cream sundae. The addition, while not costing you any calories, will increase circulation, heal your skin, and allow your body to purify and detoxify. Like the difference in choosing fresh vegetables over frozen, the source of the bath salts you choose make a difference in its’ effectiveness to your body. Bath salts taken from the Dead Sea, such as those that can be purchased at, will provide the most optimal relaxing experience.

Another solution to the tears of a long work day is to have some fun and roll around like kids in mud. While aesthetically a bit displeasing, the reaction of the skin to mud, such as Jericho Dead Sea Black Mud from the depths of the Dead Sea, can calm the entire body down while detoxifying your system. The process of applying the mask to face and body and allowing the nutrients to absorb, will provide you with the time to look in the mirror, take a good laugh at yourself, and allow the worries from the day to fall away.

Whether you choose to clean up in a bath, or lather up with some mud, searching for products at will put you on the right path of how to enjoy life after work.

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