A vacation at the Dead Sea

Summer is almost here and vacation plans are at their peak. Could you imagine a vacation on the shores of the Dead Sea? Here’s all the information you need in order to get the most out of the Dead Sea’s treasures.

What is so special about Dead Sea?

Its name might be intimidating, but the Dead Sea has been a source of health and wellbeing for centuries. It is documented that Cleopatra herself used the salts from the dead sea to tone her skin, relax her body, and clear her mind thanks to the dead sea therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

The unique setting of the Dead Sea makes it one of a kind throughout the whole world. Known to be the lowest point on earth, 1,240 feet below sea level, it has more saline than any other sea. This unique combination makes it impossible for any living aquatic life to sustain, thus the name the Dead Sea. But in This special setting, the natural minerals are unusual, including chloride, potassium chloride and sodium chloride. Those Minerals have been clinically proven to increase body circulation, and help the skin to maintain its natural moisture. Moreover, researches show that the Dead Sea minerals can heal psoriasis, eczema, acne and even reduce wrinkles and healing ailments.

The Dead Sea is actually a huge lake- Water flows in mostly from River Jordan but does not follow anywhere, and are quickly evaporates under the strong sun. However, minerals and salts brought into the sea remain. The result is a Mineral content in water that reaches up to 30% (only about 3.5% in most oceans).

Pack up your suitcase!

The Dead Sea is located in the Syrian-African Rift Valley, in between Israel and Jordan, only 19 km from Jerusalem. Year-round sunshine and dry desert air make it the perfect weather for a vacation on one of the many hotel resorts and spa. Swimming in the dead see is quit impossible, but flouting on the heavy salty water is a wonderful experience (just don’t forget to wear sun screen!).

In the southern part of the sea are hot springs of oily black mud, where you can have curative mud baths. Enjoy the remarkable view of huge salt pillars, the yellow desert, and the red mountains of Judah, offering abandon of activities, like hiking, snappling, archaeology and more.

Getting the Dead Sea closer to you

Tempting as it all sounds, not everyone can have a vacation at the Dead Sea itself. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have all the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals and nutrients right in your home. A 20 minute bath with some Dead Sea salt will draw toxins out of your body.

Jericho Skincare provides an extensive selection of luxury Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea mud products. Get your own spa treatment with this Relaxing Body Kit. Enjoy Dead Sea bath salts and Dead Sea mud wraps, for a wonderful skin year round.

Be careful: Many bath salts are now sold on the market, but not all of them are actually from the Dead Sea. When buying your bath salts, remember to check if the label specifies it is from the “Dead Sea”.

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