Apr 9

All Dead Sea products contain high levels of minerals, but some are better suited then others to promote relaxation.  Here are some of Jericho most relaxing products… Click here to read the entire post!

Dead sea relaxing Skincare

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Mar 4

Spring is all around us, and soon enough you’ll be walking around in cute sandals and flip flops. With this ultimate Dead Sea pedicure tutorial your feet will be ready for summer shoes in no time!

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer! Read it on our new blog!

Dead Sea Foot Cream

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Mar 1

Having quality facial skincare products are the key for having a healthy, plump and smooth looking complexion. However, the secret is to actually use these products after you buy them… But first things first: before your buy (and hopefully start using on a regular basis) you need to choose the right products for your skin type and skin care needs.

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Dead Sea Faoming Facial Scrub

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Dec 29

A new year, a new you?  Check out Jericho’s Skin Care resolutions for bright, healthy and perfect looking skin all throughout 2011…

2011 is almost here, and with it is the chance for a fresh start. The way you take care of your body can definitely change the way you look, but more importantly the way you feel. Healthier skin means a healthier you. Here are some tips you might want to make your New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Clean Your Makeup Brushes- bacteria can do nasty things to your skin, like infections and acne, and can grow easily on your makeup brushes and sponges.  The good news is that most makeup brushes can be easily cleaned.   Clean yours every first Sunday on the month (or any other time that makes sense to you) with some brush cleanser (or the one you are using to clean you face) under running water, and then let it air dry for a few hours.
  2. Never Go to Bed with Your Makeup On- if you don’t wash your face before bed time, makeup residue traps bacteria on your skin. You want to make sure to clean your skin before going to bed in order to have a healthier skin. In addition, since the pores relax over night time, skin care ingredients can easily penetrate the skin more deeply and have a better effect. This year promise yourself to clean your skin before going to bed and apply some moisturizer, in order the wake up with a fresh and smooth skin.
  3. Wear Sunscreen- we keep saying that, but it’s really important! Even on a cloudy day, your skin will thank you. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers, but sun damages can cause other damage such as wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, sun spots and more. Always wear a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 daily; reapply every 2 hours if in the water or the sun; avoid the sun as much as possible between 10 AM and 4 PM.
  4. Remember Your Dry Areas- elbows, knees and heels can easily be forgotten, but those areas are prone to dry up easily. Make 2011 the year you nourish your skin all over. Use an extra rich cream, enriched with shea butter to make sure you eradicate those rough spots.

Jericho Skincare Tip: for great skincare products from the depth of the Dead Sea go to our website at www.Jerichoskincare.com

Dec 9

The holiday season is here! If you are busy planning your holiday traveling, stop for a few minutes and write down Jericho skincare tips for this holiday season traveling.

Packing up for a vacation (to the Dead Sea maybe?) can be a bit stressful;  you wish you could pack up your entire closet, but actually you need to fit everything into a bag or two.  Well, that is what we call a challenge! For this reason, making a check list for your trip is so important, especially when it comes to your skincare products.

The destination is important, but don’t forget the travel to and from it: sometimes we are so excited about our destination, that we forget the time and effort it might take us to get there… so when you are preparing your check list, include what you will need for those long hours of flight. Also, traveling through different types of climates can also affect your skin, either by making it look dry and rigid, oily or just dull.

Therefore, some products are a must have when traveling, and they can really save your complexion:  first by helping you to maintain a basic skin care regime, and second by preventing any bad reaction your skin might have to the local conditions. So pack up those bags and don’t forget these winter travel essentials:

Moisturizing Cleanser- It is important to use as much moisturizer as possible, though you don’t necessarily want to drown your skin with oily products. One of the essential products for winter traveling is a cleanser that does not dry out your skin, but rather infuses it with moisture and nutrients. Jericho Cleanser is a wonderful product that won’t dry out your skin, while cleansing it of makeup residues and other impurities.
Skin Toner- The second item on your check list should be toner. Minerals and plant extracts from the Dead Sea make Jericho Skin Toner a must-have for getting rid of makeup residue and impurities. This Skin Toner is formulated with a combination of aloe and natural Dead Sea minerals, eliminating traces of make-up, dirt and grease. With the natural pH balance and moisture it will leave your skin with a fresh, smooth feel.

SPF-Infused Moisturizer- A quality moisturizer with SPF protection should always be an essential part of your skincare regimen, and more so when you are traveling. The fact that it is now winter (at least in this part of the world) does not mean the sun rays are harmless. Use a moisturizing cream that also offers you protection from the harmful sun rays.

Jericho Skincare Tip: Prepare your skin before you travel, with facial masks and exfoliators, and then maintain your basic routine, so you have time to focus on having fun!

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