Aug 15

Should you use body lotion or body butter? Well, it depends on your skin type, your age, the climate that surrounds you, and off course- your personal taste. If you are not sure what the differences are between lotions, crèmes and body butters, this one’s for you!

A quick look in any beauty store, including our store, reveals an abundance of skincare products.  In order to make the right choices and buy the correct products, it’s important to know the differences between them, and shop wisely for the skincare products that are right for you.

Body Lotion and Body Butter- Body butter is a cream formula that is better suited for dry skin. Body butter ingredients often include shea butter, which is a rich velvety component that moisturizes the skin much deeper then a body lotion. In comparison, body lotion is a moisturizer with a lower content of emollients, usually for normal skin. Body lotion is best in the summer time, when you are hot and sweaty, because it is light and cool. In the winter time, body butter is recommended, to help your skin restore its natural moisture and prevent cracks and dead skin cell buildup. Jericho Body Lotion comes in 3 wonderful fragrances: Vanilla, Ocean Breeze and Milk & Honey. (Buy now and save 13% off the regular price). Jericho Body Butter also has 3 wonderful and unique scents including Mango, Vanilla, and Kiwi (save 9% of retail price in our store only).

Scrubs and Exfoliants- A scrub is an all-over body treatment used to buff away dry skin. Scrubs come in various forms, scents and even different sized granules for varying degrees of dry skin. Body scrubs are usually used in the shower on thoroughly wet skin- the scrub is rubbed into the skin and then rinsed off. Jericho’s Energizing Salt Scrub with Lemon Grass, for example, can be used all over the body or just on areas with dry skin. The main difference between sugar scrubs and salt scrubs is the size of the granules. Sea salt granules are larger than sugar granules, which makes salt scrubs stronger at sloughing off dead skin cells. Jericho’s also contain mineral rich Dead Sea Salt….not just any salt! Using a body scrub is good for keeping skin healthy and soft; therefore, it is important to exfoliate skin on a regular basis, especially in dry and cold weather when the body easily loses moisture. The term exfoliation is used to refer to facial scrubs, which are much gentler then body scrubs.  Try our Peel off Mineral Mask and enjoy a deep exfoliation and a thorough cleansing.

Facial Cleansers and Toners- it is not recommended to use regular soap on your face, since it tends to dry out and harm the skin. There are several types of facial cleansers that are much more suitable for the facial skin, such as cleanser, foams and special bars like Jericho Black Mud soap, Seaweed Soap, Acne Soap, and many more. Use your choice of facial wash first, and then use toner. Toner is important to balance out the PH levels of your skin after washing, and also removing all the impurities left on your skin.

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Jul 30

Many suffer from acne; some have a mild condition, and others need medical attention to help them with their acne. Although acne is associated with being a teenager, many grown men and women continue to have acne breakouts long after they’ve finished high school… what exactly is considered acne, and what is the correct way to treat it?

What Causes Acne?

There is not one type of acne; in fact acne has many variations, such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts. Our skin produces oil called sebum that is necessary for the health of our skin. But when pores are clogged, or when our skin produces excess sebum (when hormones surge, for example) the skin losses its natural balance and develops acne. That is why teenagers suffer from acne and many women breakout just before their periods (some even get it during menopause).

What Happens Inside the Pores?

The two most common types of acne are blackheads and whiteheads. A blackhead- referred to by doctors as an open comedo, appears when sebum and dead skin cells clog the pore. While the pore is clogged, its surface remains open. This lets us look into the pore and see a black color.

A whitehead, or a closed comedo, forms when the excess oil and dead skin cells clog the pore and block the opening of the pore.

But clogged pores aren’t the worst part of acne. The problem worsens when bacteria thrive in the excess sebum. As the bacteria multiply in a clogged pore, the pore becomes inflamed. Inflammation is what causes a pimple to look red, hot, and swollen.

Cysts are formed when the inflammation reaches deep into the skin, and is considered the most severe type of acne. Cysts can be very painful and might cause permanent scarring.

How to Treat Acne?

Luckily, good skincare can help almost every case of acne. Mild acne can be very well controlled without any prescription drugs. More severe conditions that require a dermatologist’s help usually combines prescription drugs with essential skincare.

It is very important to treat any condition of acne. Researches show that people living with acne can suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

So the first step is keeping a clean skin, and to get read of all the excess oil. Using a good soap daily, morning and evening is very important. Jericho Black Mud Soap is a wonderful product to help clear your skin.  Wash and rinse your face with warm water and be prepared to feel the deep, gentle cleansing action of Dead Sea Black Mud Soap. Using natural black mud from the Dead Sea, the unique combination of minerals enlivens and cleans the skin.

Jericho Skin Care also offers a special Acne Soap. Jericho’s Acne Soap treats acne with natural minerals that eliminate dirt and other bacteria that cause outbreaks. The minerals from the Dead Sea nourish and restore your skin. Natural minerals from the Dead Sea are the best way to end the suffering and blemishes of acne.

For best results, exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Make sure your skin is not irritated and you don’t have any white breakouts, since exfoliation may cause tenderness.  Try Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub, which will leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. The powerful nutrient vitamin C, enriching jojoba oil, and the calming effect of Chamomile aids in the conditioning of your skin. It also relaxes the skin and relieves tension.  Men will enjoy JM Facial Scrub, a unique foaming gel for men that cleans and moisturizes the skin.

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Jul 22

Whether you prefer cute flip-flops or sexy sandals, you must get your feet ready for summertime. Sandals might cause your feet to dry out, causing cracks and rough skin. Learn how to give yourself a pedicure and enjoy summer with smooth silky feet.

A pedicure consists of a few steps. It’s important to follow the steps carefully in order to reach the perfect result:

The first step is to remove the old polish from your nails. Sometimes cotton balls might leave fuzzies, so you might want to use lint-free cotton pad (you can find them in your local drug store). Saturate the cotton pad with acetone remover and rub off the old polish. To remove any yellowed outer layer try rubbing a drop of lemon or lavender oil on each toe and rub a buffer over the nail.

The next step is to clip and file the nails according to your taste. To avoid ingrown nails, cut nail straight across, just above the skin. Make sure your nail doesn’t extend over the tip of your toe. Also, try to avoid metal files since they can rip the nails.

Now soak your feet in a large bowl or tab with warm water. Throw in relaxing Dead Sea bath salts and keep your feet in the warm water for about 10 minutes. Did you know that milk loosens dead skin? Try adding a quarter cup of milk to the warm water and bath salts, and feel just like Queen Cleopatra, who used to soak her entire body in milk!

After you pat your feet dry, apply cuticle remover to the base of each nail and rub it in. Use an orangewood stick to gently push, with a circular motion, everywhere where skin meets the nail (including the sides); just be careful not to touch the toe flesh.

Now your feet are ready for a scrub. Try Jericho Energizing Salt Scrub with Lemon Grass Oil, to stimulate blood flow and remove any dead skin and callouses. For a deeper peel you can use a foot file or wet pumice stone. Remember not to scrub the skin too much; stop if your foot appears red and irritated.

Dry feet thoroughly, including between the toes, and apply Jericho’s rich Foot Cream from the feet to the calves.

If you want to apply a fresh nail polish, use the acetone remover again to get rid of any excess oils on the nails. Apply a thin base coat using three strokes, one down the middle, and then one on each side. Don’t paint the cuticle. After a minute or so, apply the second coat. You can then finish with a clear top coat. Let it dry for at least an hour, and be careful not to put on any closed toe shoes.

That’s it- enjoy your lovely pedicured feet in your fashionable summer shoes!

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Jul 16

With Wedding season at its’ pick, learning how to apply the perfect makeup is essential. Every one of us has their own makeup likes and dislikes, but we do have one thing in common: we all want to apply our makeup on clear, flawless skin.

When it comes to makeup, sometimes less is more. Another truth about wearing makeup is that the older you get the less you should apply. It might sound ironic- what does a twenty year old really need makeup for, when her skin is naturally tight and shiny? Well, good question. The logic behinds it lays in the fact that as you get older, you skin loses some of its natural elastin and tends to wrinkle. Applying too much makeup may cause your skin to look over treated and enhance all its imperfections. So the key here is balance and maintenance.

Just Before Applying Your Makeup

For your skin to be tight and firm we recommend a few skincare regimens:

Make sure your skin is clean: Use a peel off mask to get a thorough exfoliation and remove dead cells that are clogging the pores. Jericho Mineral Peel-Off Mask accelerates the assimilation of nutrients by the cells, which results in increased blood circulation.

After rinsing the skin, apply toner to clear your skin from any oily residues. Minerals and plant extracts from the Dead Sea make Jericho’s Skin Toner a must-have when looking to get rid of makeup residue and impurities. Our skin toner is formulated with a combination of aloe and natural Dead Sea minerals, to give you a complete cleansing.

Now you are ready for serum that will firm your skin, and help to avoid makeup smudges. Jericho’s Dead Sea Mineral Serum is designed to firm the skin, and to make your skin silky and smoother, making you feel luminous.  The anti-aging components, vitamins and Dead Sea minerals reveal a refreshing glow that will leave you breathless.

At this point, you should apply your regular moisturizer, after which your skin is ready for makeup. Make sure not to apply too much moisturizer and to wait until it is well absorbed into the skin before applying your makeup.

When Removing Makeup

Usually at this point we are tired and can’t wait to go to bed, however this is a very important stage of skincare. Makeup residue may cause your pores to clog and can prevent your skin from breathing.

One quick and wonderful option is to use Jericho’s Makeup Removing Facial Wipes, which removes makeup and dirt from your face and eyes, all while protecting the moisture and elasticity of the skin. These Makeup Removing Facial Wipes include natural Chamomile and Aloe, leaving skin looking young and healthy.

You can complete the makeup removing process by using Jericho’s Dead Sea Cleanser. It opens up the pores, thoroughly removing makeup residue and impurities, while leaving you feeling refreshed.

On An Everyday Basis

Make sure your skin is well nourished. Jericho Intensive Night Crème does wonders to replenish and restore skin. Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts absorb quickly and leave you with a silky soft feeling. Significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles while sleeping, Intensive Night Cream from Jericho is ideal to apply prior to sleep. Remove makeup and apply after Jericho Skin Toner, to react and reinvigorate your skin.

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Jul 2

Like millions of American across the country, you might find yourself celebrating the 4th of July at an outdoor activity. This year, take extra care of your skin and enjoy a wonderful independence day!

There are so many wonderful options to celebrate the 4th of July, like a day at the beach, a barbecue, a picnic, a pool party, parades; so many activities to enjoy on the 4th of July. But usually, they all have one thing in common: most of them are outdoor activities.

That means more exposure to sun and dry weather, which can hurt any anti-aging treatment you might be getting. Too much exposure to the sun can increase wrinkles later on in life, so even if you’re still too young to be thinking of anti aging, make sure to take some precautions before going out for some 4th of July fun:

Wear Sun Screen- make sure to choose the right SPF protection that will guard your skin. The higher the SPF, the greater coverage it allows. Even if we don’t burn, the sun’s emission affects our skin cells and transforms them. You might also want to get a foundation that combines SPF protection to protect yourself from extra wrinkles in twenty years…

Moisturize Your Skin- the more moisture in your skin, the less it tends to dry out from the sun and the heat. Since moisturizer creams hydrate your skin, it’s important to apply a facial moisturizing cream and a rich body lotion, to keep your skin smooth and soft to the touch.  Try our Body Butter Kiwi Scent- based on shea butter, this reach cream helps treat bad cases of cracks in skin, and leaves you smelling like a summer fruit basket.

Keep Yourself Hydrated- moisture is not important only on the outside, but it’s important on the inside as well. Even on the 4th of July don’t forget to have a bottle of water next to you at all times. Remember- beer does not hydrate you! If anything alcohol just dries you even more. If you’re thinking of drinking alcohol, you should drink more water to keep yourself balanced and well hydrated. Even on the 4th of July water is so important to our health and our skin.

-Take Care of Your Wrinkles- if you already have some wrinkles, you should use anti-wrinkle creams, and especially an eye cream to take control of the wrinkles expanding, and minimize them as much as possible. Try our wonderful Eye Gel which gives the skin around your eyes the moisture and lift it needs. Jericho Eye Gel uses beneficial Dead Sea minerals to maintain a radiant look feel. Use it every day for noticeable eye wrinkles.

Summer could be dangerous for your skin, and the 4th of July is just one special occasion during the season. To learn more about how to treat your skin better in the summer, click here.

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Jun 27

Do you know your skin type? To get ultimate results and make the right choice of skin care, you must know your skin type first.

Each of us is born with a unique skin type that cannot be changed over the years. Nevertheless, you can keep your skin healthier and more beautiful if you know how to treat it. So if you want to look your best, the first step is to identify your skin type. The sooner you determine your skin type, the better you can match it with the best recommended methods to treat your skin and make it look vibrant and smooth.

5 Skin Types

Basically, we can identify 5 basic skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Each has their specific qualities and requires different types of care.

Normal skin

Normal skin is considered a very low maintenance skin type, usually elastic and supple. Normal skin types look clean and smooth, and don’t usually suffer from breakouts of redness.

Oily Skin

Try to wipe your face in the morning with a clean facial tissue right after you wake up. If the tissue reveals spots of facial oil on it, mostly on the cheeks, nose and forehead areas, then you have an oily skin type. Oily skin requires more care then normal skin. It tends to look greasy, coarse and shiny, with enlarged pores. Oily skin can suffer from breakouts and even acne. On the other hand, oily skin is not prone to much wrinkling. Therefore, the most important care for oily skin is cleansing, to eliminate excess oil and clear the pores. Also, if you have oily skin, avoid oil based creams and go for water based ones.

Dry Skin

Dry skin tends to feel flaky, dry and tight. Sometimes dry skin can feel irritated or tingly. One of the biggest concerns of dry skin is that it can easily develop wrinkles and fine lines. In order to keep dry skin healthy, apply moisturizing creams regularly, preferably day and night. Deep nourishing masks can be very helpful as well.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usually very similar to dry skin, although it tends to become inflamed and irritated more easily. Sensitive skin tends to have reddened areas, and it is also prone to breakouts and spotting. This is a very fragile skin type that requires special care.  Make sure to use products that are made especially for sensitive skin, and use products that do not contain any harsh chemicals which can harm it.

Combined Skin

Interestingly enough, combination skin is the most common skin type of all. If you have a combined skin type, you probably have oily skin around your nose and forehead, and normal to dry skin around the cheeks. To treat combination skin, make sure to cleanse it thoroughly to avoid breakouts and extra shine on your T area (nose and forehead). Apply moisturizing creams on your cheeks and dry areas, to keep your skin looking fresh and relaxed.

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Jun 11


Your dad is the best… He taught you how to ride a bike, made you feel safe at night and loved you no matter what. This Father’s Day, show him how you feel with the best grooming and skin care products for your dad.

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to tell your dad just how you feel about him. On June 20th celebrate Father’s Day with your father or maybe even the father of your children.

Yes, most skincare products are for women, but Jericho Skincare carries a wonderful series of skin care products, designed especially for men.

Does your father have a skin care routine?  Here are some tips that will improve your dad’s grooming habits:

  1. Shaving first thing in the morning won’t get you a closer shave: right after waking up the skin is steel puffy. Give your skin some time to deflate; it will help you get a much closer shave.
  2. Exfoliating is great for removing dead skin cells, but for men it is also important to prepare the skin for shaving to reduce cuts and razor burns.
  3. After shaving, apply an after-shave balm to soothe and protect your skin. Make sure you avoid aftershaves that contain alcohol, and also shaving products with menthol because they may irritate skin.
  4. Men get wrinkles too! To reduce wrinkles and other signs of time, such as discoloration and loss of firmness, apply a rich moisturizer after shaving.
  5. For sensitive skin, rub shaving cream thoroughly into skin. Avoid extra foamy shaving creams that contain skin irritants such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate.

Our excellent men’s series includes JM Facial Scrub, a unique foaming gel that cleans and moisturizes dry skin. This scrub is rich in Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin C and Chamomile extract.

For a smooth shave, JM After-Shave Balm soothes razor burns and leaves the skin smooth, supple, and well protected. It’s also Paraben-Free and rich in Dead Sea minerals.

Finally, JM Facial Firming Cream is a mineral-rich cream that helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, scarring, pore size, and rough or uneven skin texture. The cream contains grape and almond oils that moisture the skin.

For a wonderful Father’s Day gift surprise your father with our JM Man Care Kit, which contains both the facial scrub and the facial firming cream…. for a great deal.

Happy father’s Day to you all!

Jun 4

Towel[1]The perfect facial in just 4 easy steps! Learn how to get your skin ready for some summer sizzle

Summer is an amazing season, sunny and full of surprises. But for your skin, summer could be dangerous; wind, heat, dust and excessive sun exposure can easily harm your skin and affect the way it looks and feels. Thus, making you feel less vital.

During the summer, your skin suffers mainly from excessive sweat, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. In addition, ultraviolet (UV) rays dry out your skin and literally “cook” the natural elastines and collagen of your facial skin. Some UV rays hit the surface of the skin and can cause redness and burning. Others penetrate deeper into the skin and damage your skin from within. That can result in the production of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness, and other signs of aging.

Luckily, a few simple skincare techniques can help you get the skin you want. Some women believe that facials are complicated or expensive, but we at Jericho Skincare know it doesn’t have to be this way.

For a radiant healthy skin, we recommend weekly and even bi-weekly facials. Make sure you have all your products ready to go: deep clean cleanser, exfoliation, deep nourishing mask, moisturizers and of course sun screen. Facials can be real fun; you can even invite  friends over and enjoy quality time together. Ready? Here we go!

First things first, cleanse your face with a deep clean cleanser. The Jericho Cleanser opens up pores and gently removes makeup residue and other impurities. When choosing a cleanser it is important to choose one that does not dry out your skin, but leaves it refreshed and soft.

Now you are ready for some exfoliation, to eliminate dead skin cells and deeper impurities. The Jericho Exfoliating Facial Mask allows thorough exfoliation for all skin types. Rich in Dead Sea minerals, this mask removes dead cells that are clogging the pores, and promotes the natural process of cell renewal. The peel-off mask accelerates the assimilation of nutrients by the cells, which results in increased blood circulation.

Now that your skin is so clean and pores unclogged, the next step would be to nourish it with a deep nourishing mask. Jericho Mud Mask is an exclusive product. It provides your complexion a refreshed and luminous appearance. Composed with Dead Sea Black Mud and bees wax, this all-natural product revitalizes the skin by softening the pores.

Last but not least moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Depending on your skin type, use a moisturizer that is right for you. For older skin, the Jericho Restoring Day Cream will firm and tighten your skin, helping to boost skin elasticity. This means fewer wrinkles, deep creases, and visual signs of aging. Combine with the Jericho Lifting Serum and you have yourself the perfect facial for summer. For younger skin, try the Jericho Moisturizing Day Cream, and enjoy a luminous soft skin that will shine all summer long.

Jan 25

With the weather cold outdoors and the heat running indoors, your skin can become extremely dry, itchy, and flaky.

The winter just started but we have the perfect solution for you – JERICHO PREMIUM BODY BUTTER!

Our new Jericho Premium Body Butter is a combination of Shea butter, which melts onto your skin and absorbs rapidly without leaving any oily residue, and Dead Sea minerals, which rejuvenates the skin. This combination gives your skin the healthy glow it desires. With added vitamins A and E, this combination is perfect for nurturing your skin without clogging your pores.


Jericho Premium Body butter is good for the entire body; especially those rough places like the elbows, knees and legs. Our rich formulation will penetrate your skin and will make you feel smooth, relaxed, and fresh.

Get equipped with our luscious Jericho Premium Body Butter, and trade itchy, dry skin for a moisture rich sensation!

Now available at for only $64.99 Regular price:$84.99

Dec 2

There are certain processes which are vital for good skin care.  While you may have taken initial steps in properly treating your skin by cleaning with Jericho products, balance will be maximized once you’ve moisturized.  Follow these simple instructions so that your skin will look and feel its best!

Serum-Combo_MBegin moisturizing your skin by spreading Jericho’s Dead Sea Mineral Serum upon your face and neck.  Timing is not critical in this piece. You may choose to apply the cream either before or after makeup. The role of the moisturizing serum is to firm the skin. While it might seem counter-intuitive to firm the skin in order to soften, it is actually this process which enables the full benefits of smoothness.

To start off a new beautiful day, lightly apply Jericho’s Day Moisturizing Cream. This should be done before you have put on any makeup or foundation.  No needs to worry about your skin type, since natural ingredients within the moisturizing cream are beneficial to all. Vitamin compounds provide the skin with nutrients that will protect against toxins that comes across throughout the day.w_Moisturizing comb_S

At night time you should apply a generous amount of Jericho’s Nourishing Night Cream.  Without exposure to wind, dirt, and other elements which may harm the skin, the night is an important time to heal. Therefore, a thick application of cream will allow for the greatest amount of progress to be made.

Last but not least, the Jericho Dead Sea Eye Gel is an important component to facial moisturizing. This gel should be applied in the morning, providing a nice cooling effect which will awaken the eyes.  You may have the tendency to overlook the care your eyes need; however, you must provide your eyes proper attention. The skin around the eyes does not contain oil glands; therefore eye gel is a crucial step in the skincare process.  All puffiness and dark circles which have arisen in the midst of night will disappear when the eye gel is activated.

w_eye gel comb_S

By actively taking care of your skin you will notice a remarkable difference in how you feel. Properly cleansing and moisturizing is what nature intended from your body. So treat your body right with Jericho’s Dead Sea products, and learn what it is like to feel your best.

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