Jul 22

Whether you prefer cute flip-flops or sexy sandals, you must get your feet ready for summertime. Sandals might cause your feet to dry out, causing cracks and rough skin. Learn how to give yourself a pedicure and enjoy summer with smooth silky feet.

A pedicure consists of a few steps. It’s important to follow the steps carefully in order to reach the perfect result:

The first step is to remove the old polish from your nails. Sometimes cotton balls might leave fuzzies, so you might want to use lint-free cotton pad (you can find them in your local drug store). Saturate the cotton pad with acetone remover and rub off the old polish. To remove any yellowed outer layer try rubbing a drop of lemon or lavender oil on each toe and rub a buffer over the nail.

The next step is to clip and file the nails according to your taste. To avoid ingrown nails, cut nail straight across, just above the skin. Make sure your nail doesn’t extend over the tip of your toe. Also, try to avoid metal files since they can rip the nails.

Now soak your feet in a large bowl or tab with warm water. Throw in relaxing Dead Sea bath salts and keep your feet in the warm water for about 10 minutes. Did you know that milk loosens dead skin? Try adding a quarter cup of milk to the warm water and bath salts, and feel just like Queen Cleopatra, who used to soak her entire body in milk!

After you pat your feet dry, apply cuticle remover to the base of each nail and rub it in. Use an orangewood stick to gently push, with a circular motion, everywhere where skin meets the nail (including the sides); just be careful not to touch the toe flesh.

Now your feet are ready for a scrub. Try Jericho Energizing Salt Scrub with Lemon Grass Oil, to stimulate blood flow and remove any dead skin and callouses. For a deeper peel you can use a foot file or wet pumice stone. Remember not to scrub the skin too much; stop if your foot appears red and irritated.

Dry feet thoroughly, including between the toes, and apply Jericho’s rich Foot Cream from the feet to the calves.

If you want to apply a fresh nail polish, use the acetone remover again to get rid of any excess oils on the nails. Apply a thin base coat using three strokes, one down the middle, and then one on each side. Don’t paint the cuticle. After a minute or so, apply the second coat. You can then finish with a clear top coat. Let it dry for at least an hour, and be careful not to put on any closed toe shoes.

That’s it- enjoy your lovely pedicured feet in your fashionable summer shoes!

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Jul 16

With Wedding season at its’ pick, learning how to apply the perfect makeup is essential. Every one of us has their own makeup likes and dislikes, but we do have one thing in common: we all want to apply our makeup on clear, flawless skin.

When it comes to makeup, sometimes less is more. Another truth about wearing makeup is that the older you get the less you should apply. It might sound ironic- what does a twenty year old really need makeup for, when her skin is naturally tight and shiny? Well, good question. The logic behinds it lays in the fact that as you get older, you skin loses some of its natural elastin and tends to wrinkle. Applying too much makeup may cause your skin to look over treated and enhance all its imperfections. So the key here is balance and maintenance.

Just Before Applying Your Makeup

For your skin to be tight and firm we recommend a few skincare regimens:

Make sure your skin is clean: Use a peel off mask to get a thorough exfoliation and remove dead cells that are clogging the pores. Jericho Mineral Peel-Off Mask accelerates the assimilation of nutrients by the cells, which results in increased blood circulation.

After rinsing the skin, apply toner to clear your skin from any oily residues. Minerals and plant extracts from the Dead Sea make Jericho’s Skin Toner a must-have when looking to get rid of makeup residue and impurities. Our skin toner is formulated with a combination of aloe and natural Dead Sea minerals, to give you a complete cleansing.

Now you are ready for serum that will firm your skin, and help to avoid makeup smudges. Jericho’s Dead Sea Mineral Serum is designed to firm the skin, and to make your skin silky and smoother, making you feel luminous.  The anti-aging components, vitamins and Dead Sea minerals reveal a refreshing glow that will leave you breathless.

At this point, you should apply your regular moisturizer, after which your skin is ready for makeup. Make sure not to apply too much moisturizer and to wait until it is well absorbed into the skin before applying your makeup.

When Removing Makeup

Usually at this point we are tired and can’t wait to go to bed, however this is a very important stage of skincare. Makeup residue may cause your pores to clog and can prevent your skin from breathing.

One quick and wonderful option is to use Jericho’s Makeup Removing Facial Wipes, which removes makeup and dirt from your face and eyes, all while protecting the moisture and elasticity of the skin. These Makeup Removing Facial Wipes include natural Chamomile and Aloe, leaving skin looking young and healthy.

You can complete the makeup removing process by using Jericho’s Dead Sea Cleanser. It opens up the pores, thoroughly removing makeup residue and impurities, while leaving you feeling refreshed.

On An Everyday Basis

Make sure your skin is well nourished. Jericho Intensive Night Crème does wonders to replenish and restore skin. Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts absorb quickly and leave you with a silky soft feeling. Significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles while sleeping, Intensive Night Cream from Jericho is ideal to apply prior to sleep. Remove makeup and apply after Jericho Skin Toner, to react and reinvigorate your skin.

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Jul 2

Like millions of American across the country, you might find yourself celebrating the 4th of July at an outdoor activity. This year, take extra care of your skin and enjoy a wonderful independence day!

There are so many wonderful options to celebrate the 4th of July, like a day at the beach, a barbecue, a picnic, a pool party, parades; so many activities to enjoy on the 4th of July. But usually, they all have one thing in common: most of them are outdoor activities.

That means more exposure to sun and dry weather, which can hurt any anti-aging treatment you might be getting. Too much exposure to the sun can increase wrinkles later on in life, so even if you’re still too young to be thinking of anti aging, make sure to take some precautions before going out for some 4th of July fun:

Wear Sun Screen- make sure to choose the right SPF protection that will guard your skin. The higher the SPF, the greater coverage it allows. Even if we don’t burn, the sun’s emission affects our skin cells and transforms them. You might also want to get a foundation that combines SPF protection to protect yourself from extra wrinkles in twenty years…

Moisturize Your Skin- the more moisture in your skin, the less it tends to dry out from the sun and the heat. Since moisturizer creams hydrate your skin, it’s important to apply a facial moisturizing cream and a rich body lotion, to keep your skin smooth and soft to the touch.  Try our Body Butter Kiwi Scent- based on shea butter, this reach cream helps treat bad cases of cracks in skin, and leaves you smelling like a summer fruit basket.

Keep Yourself Hydrated- moisture is not important only on the outside, but it’s important on the inside as well. Even on the 4th of July don’t forget to have a bottle of water next to you at all times. Remember- beer does not hydrate you! If anything alcohol just dries you even more. If you’re thinking of drinking alcohol, you should drink more water to keep yourself balanced and well hydrated. Even on the 4th of July water is so important to our health and our skin.

-Take Care of Your Wrinkles- if you already have some wrinkles, you should use anti-wrinkle creams, and especially an eye cream to take control of the wrinkles expanding, and minimize them as much as possible. Try our wonderful Eye Gel which gives the skin around your eyes the moisture and lift it needs. Jericho Eye Gel uses beneficial Dead Sea minerals to maintain a radiant look feel. Use it every day for noticeable eye wrinkles.

Summer could be dangerous for your skin, and the 4th of July is just one special occasion during the season. To learn more about how to treat your skin better in the summer, click here.

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Jun 20

Summer is almost here and vacation plans are at their peak. Could you imagine a vacation on the shores of the Dead Sea? Here’s all the information you need in order to get the most out of the Dead Sea’s treasures.

What is so special about Dead Sea?

Its name might be intimidating, but the Dead Sea has been a source of health and wellbeing for centuries. It is documented that Cleopatra herself used the salts from the dead sea to tone her skin, relax her body, and clear her mind thanks to the dead sea therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

The unique setting of the Dead Sea makes it one of a kind throughout the whole world. Known to be the lowest point on earth, 1,240 feet below sea level, it has more saline than any other sea. This unique combination makes it impossible for any living aquatic life to sustain, thus the name the Dead Sea. But in This special setting, the natural minerals are unusual, including chloride, potassium chloride and sodium chloride. Those Minerals have been clinically proven to increase body circulation, and help the skin to maintain its natural moisture. Moreover, researches show that the Dead Sea minerals can heal psoriasis, eczema, acne and even reduce wrinkles and healing ailments.

The Dead Sea is actually a huge lake- Water flows in mostly from River Jordan but does not follow anywhere, and are quickly evaporates under the strong sun. However, minerals and salts brought into the sea remain. The result is a Mineral content in water that reaches up to 30% (only about 3.5% in most oceans).

Pack up your suitcase!

The Dead Sea is located in the Syrian-African Rift Valley, in between Israel and Jordan, only 19 km from Jerusalem. Year-round sunshine and dry desert air make it the perfect weather for a vacation on one of the many hotel resorts and spa. Swimming in the dead see is quit impossible, but flouting on the heavy salty water is a wonderful experience (just don’t forget to wear sun screen!).

In the southern part of the sea are hot springs of oily black mud, where you can have curative mud baths. Enjoy the remarkable view of huge salt pillars, the yellow desert, and the red mountains of Judah, offering abandon of activities, like hiking, snappling, archaeology and more.

Getting the Dead Sea closer to you

Tempting as it all sounds, not everyone can have a vacation at the Dead Sea itself. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have all the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals and nutrients right in your home. A 20 minute bath with some Dead Sea salt will draw toxins out of your body.

Jericho Skincare provides an extensive selection of luxury Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea mud products. Get your own spa treatment with this Relaxing Body Kit. Enjoy Dead Sea bath salts and Dead Sea mud wraps, for a wonderful skin year round.

Be careful: Many bath salts are now sold on the market, but not all of them are actually from the Dead Sea. When buying your bath salts, remember to check if the label specifies it is from the “Dead Sea”.

Jun 11


Your dad is the best… He taught you how to ride a bike, made you feel safe at night and loved you no matter what. This Father’s Day, show him how you feel with the best grooming and skin care products for your dad.

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to tell your dad just how you feel about him. On June 20th celebrate Father’s Day with your father or maybe even the father of your children.

Yes, most skincare products are for women, but Jericho Skincare carries a wonderful series of skin care products, designed especially for men.

Does your father have a skin care routine?  Here are some tips that will improve your dad’s grooming habits:

  1. Shaving first thing in the morning won’t get you a closer shave: right after waking up the skin is steel puffy. Give your skin some time to deflate; it will help you get a much closer shave.
  2. Exfoliating is great for removing dead skin cells, but for men it is also important to prepare the skin for shaving to reduce cuts and razor burns.
  3. After shaving, apply an after-shave balm to soothe and protect your skin. Make sure you avoid aftershaves that contain alcohol, and also shaving products with menthol because they may irritate skin.
  4. Men get wrinkles too! To reduce wrinkles and other signs of time, such as discoloration and loss of firmness, apply a rich moisturizer after shaving.
  5. For sensitive skin, rub shaving cream thoroughly into skin. Avoid extra foamy shaving creams that contain skin irritants such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate.

Our excellent men’s series includes JM Facial Scrub, a unique foaming gel that cleans and moisturizes dry skin. This scrub is rich in Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin C and Chamomile extract.

For a smooth shave, JM After-Shave Balm soothes razor burns and leaves the skin smooth, supple, and well protected. It’s also Paraben-Free and rich in Dead Sea minerals.

Finally, JM Facial Firming Cream is a mineral-rich cream that helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, scarring, pore size, and rough or uneven skin texture. The cream contains grape and almond oils that moisture the skin.

For a wonderful Father’s Day gift surprise your father with our JM Man Care Kit, which contains both the facial scrub and the facial firming cream…. for a great deal.

Happy father’s Day to you all!

Jan 25

With the weather cold outdoors and the heat running indoors, your skin can become extremely dry, itchy, and flaky.

The winter just started but we have the perfect solution for you – JERICHO PREMIUM BODY BUTTER!

Our new Jericho Premium Body Butter is a combination of Shea butter, which melts onto your skin and absorbs rapidly without leaving any oily residue, and Dead Sea minerals, which rejuvenates the skin. This combination gives your skin the healthy glow it desires. With added vitamins A and E, this combination is perfect for nurturing your skin without clogging your pores.


Jericho Premium Body butter is good for the entire body; especially those rough places like the elbows, knees and legs. Our rich formulation will penetrate your skin and will make you feel smooth, relaxed, and fresh.

Get equipped with our luscious Jericho Premium Body Butter, and trade itchy, dry skin for a moisture rich sensation!

Now available at www.jerichoskincare.com for only $64.99 Regular price:$84.99

Nov 28

People ask, “What is one of the most important things I can do to take good care of my skin?” and my first answer is, “Keep it clean!” For everyday use, we recommend to perform two essentials easy steps for keeping your skin clean and healthy.

Steps 1 – Deep clean your face with Jericho Cleanser. This cleanser opens up the pores, and gently and thoroughly removes makeup residue and impurities.  Jericho’s Dead Sea Cleanser will refresh your skin with purity, gentleness and without a feeling of residue that other skin care cleansers have. With a high capacity for absorption and a hypoallergenic formula, this product will breathe reinvigoration and stimulation into your skin that showcases what Dead Sea minerals and products are all about. Open up those pores and remove the impurities with Cleanser from Jericho Skin Care.cleanser_M

Step 2- After washing with Jericho Cleanser, remove any excess oil and shrink pore size with Jericho Skin Toner. Minerals and plant extracts from the Dead Sea make Jericho’s Skin Toner a must-have when looking to get rid of makeup residue and impurities. Skin Toner for normal skin is formulated with a combination of aloe and natural Dead Sea minerals that give you the most consummate cleansing possible.


You can also try our amazing Dead Sea Black Mud Soap, which is good for everyday use, night or day.  Wash and rinse your face with warm water and be prepared to feel the deep, gentle cleansing action of Deep Sea Black Mud Soap. Using natural black mud from the Dead Sea, the unique combination of minerals enlivens and cleanses the skin. Dead Sea Black Mud Soap breathes new life to your skin and establishes a new feeling that will leave your skin feeling natural and healthy.

For use once to twice a week, and to keep toxics and impurities at a minimum, we have several recommendations:

Our popular Black Mud from the Dead Sea.  This mud exfoliates 98% of the dead skin, removes black heads, white heads, pimples, acne, dryness, dead cells, oils, dirt and makeup. You can use the Dead Sea Black Mud once a week to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Another option is Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub. Use it a few times a week to exfoliate dead skin cells, which will also improve the absorption of moisturizer. Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturized and luxurious. The powerful nutrient vitamin C, the enriching jojoba oil and the calming Chamomile aids in the conditioning of your skin by relaxing it and relieving tension.


Lastly, Jericho Purifying mud mask is actually a combination of the two. Purifying Mud Mask gives your complexion a refreshed and luminous appearance. Composed with Dead Sea Black Mud and Bees Wax, this all-natural product will drive up cell renewal and revitalize the skin by softening the pores. The added moisture to your skin rejuvenates with aromatic lavender and avocado oils.

After cleansing, your skin needs moisture balance.  Stay tuned to our next segment on facial moisturizers and serums!

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Nov 21


Our body is a canvas, which is made up of many layers. How it is treated will affect how one feels and our overall well being. On the most visible level, the skin is a reflector of what occurs on levels below the surface. Irritations such as roughness and itchiness are criteria for assessing our health status, as well as reduction in our aesthetic appeal.  When cared for with the proper cleansing and protection, the body can feel a remarkable difference.

The Dead Sea has always been known for its unique ability to prevent disease and heal ailments. Even in the first century BC, Cleopatra knew the benefits the water offered and declared exclusive rights to it. She utilized the Dead Sea and created pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufactories, which produced beauty products.  As the years have passed and public access has been regained, the benefits the water provides can now be reaped by all.

Healing skin disorders and alleviating physical ailments, the Dead Sea has tremendous abilities to heal. Skin allergies such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne can be drastically alleviated. By peeling away dead skin and rebuilding new layers, wrinkles are reduced and baby like softness is maintained. Toxins, bacteria, and allergens are prevented from entering under the skin surface. The Dead Sea has also been known for improving blood circulation and relieving stress. In return people suffering from arthritis, inflammation, rheumatism, headaches, and sleeplessness can find relief.

You might wonder how the Dead Sea has such strong powers?  The answer lies in its minerals.  Unlike traditional soaps or cleansers, the natural minerals within the water activate inner enzymes altering metabolism. An increase in moisture absorption helps eliminate conditions such as dandruff, dermatitis, and overall dryness. Treated with Dead Sea components, your body can reach a state of balance that will benefit your overall health.

When you cannot make it to sea, bring the sea to you. Products from the Dead Sea capture the ingredients which create healthy skin. Look to Arabah Mineral Skin Care for the Jericho Dead Sea products, which rejuvenate, re energize, and replenish your skin.

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Nov 15

Work, work, work! It’s a lifestyle that can produce negative results if not supplemented with the right support. Whether you are a farmer out in the field, a business analyst behind a desk, or an artist in a studio, the physical and mental stresses of a long day are sure to pull you down. It is easy to fall into a vicious cycle where fatigue and pressure can get the best of you. Finding the right ways to relax and let loose after work is essential for long term sustainability.  Once you’ve given your body the nourishment it needs, you will find you will have more energy to do the work you need and want to do.

Bath Salt Coarse 700gr_S

While there are many means for relaxation, the bath is a classic choice to unwind and calm the body down.  That being said, there is a large range of bath options. Bubble baths accompanied with yellow ducks may work for some, while others might prefer the steams of a burning Turkish bath. However, the features of a bath should not be taken lightly. On top of setting a mood and giving distractions to play with in the water, the ingredients in your bath can affect your health.

Sprinkling in the Dead Sea bath salts is like adding toppings to your ice cream sundae. The addition, while not costing you any calories, will increase circulation, heal your skin, and allow your body to purify and detoxify. Like the difference in choosing fresh vegetables over frozen, the source of the bath salts you choose make a difference in its’ effectiveness to your body. Bath salts taken from the Dead Sea, such as those that can be purchased at www.jerichoskincare.com, will provide the most optimal relaxing experience.

Another solution to the tears of a long work day is to have some fun and roll around like kids in mud. While aesthetically a bit displeasing, the reaction of the skin to mud, such as Jericho Dead Sea Black Mud from the depths of the Dead Sea, can calm the entire body down while detoxifying your system. The process of applying the mask to face and body and allowing the nutrients to absorb, will provide you with the time to look in the mirror, take a good laugh at yourself, and allow the worries from the day to fall away.

Whether you choose to clean up in a bath, or lather up with some mud, searching for products at www.jerichoskincare.com will put you on the right path of how to enjoy life after work.

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Nov 9

Since Arabah’s inception, we have done much research on soap in order to bring the best ingredients to you. We will only carry top quality products…..no exceptions!

Our Jericho soaps are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and carry all the natural minerals from the Dead Sea. Each one of our soaps come with a distinctive ability to work on a specific skin problem, or can just be used a daily cleanser.

Jericho Black Mud Soap: contains natural black mud from the Dead Sea. Its’ special composition of Dead Sea minerals has a gentle, deep active cleansing effect. Good for acne and other skin disorders.

Jericho  Dead Sea Salt Soap: natural soap rich in minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea, essential for healthy glowing skin. Removes dirt and impurities and restores the natural balance of the skin.

Dead Sea Sulphur Soap: enriched with Dead Sea minerals and Sulphur.  Jericho Sulphur soap is known for its healing proper ties to skin problems, such as Psoriasis and Eczema. The soap contains Olive Oil and Aloe Vera, which balance the skin’s natural moisture.

black mud soap_M

Dead Sea Glycerin Soap: formulated with Dead Sea minerals and pure moisturizing glycerin, this soap cleanses your face without upsetting the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft, healthy skin. Good for all skin types.

Dead Sea Acne Soap: was developed specifically to treat acne prone skin, by utilizing natural active minerals from Dead Sea mud and water.

Dead Sea Anti-Cellulite Massage Soap: specially designed soap for  a better grip, with rows of nodules to help combat cellulite. It contains Dead Sea minerals and Dried Red Seaweed grains, known for their deep penetrating and fat emulsifying properties.

Dead Sea Seaweed Soap: unique seaweed soap made with Dead Sea Minerals, olive oil and pond cultivated Gracilaria algae (Red seaweed). Bathed with uncontaminated seawater from Mediterranean marine reserve, Gracilaria algae are rich in trace elements and vitamins, and are known to have deep penetrating and fat emulsifying properties.

Jericho soaps are known for the capability to penetrate the skin with ease, and are readily absorbed without any residue. These soaps are non-comedogenic, and are very beneficial for all skin types.

Please share your reviews and suggestions at assaf@jerichoskincare.com

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