Mar 4

Spring is all around us, and soon enough you’ll be walking around in cute sandals and flip flops. With this ultimate Dead Sea pedicure tutorial your feet will be ready for summer shoes in no time!

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Dead Sea Foot Cream

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Jul 6

Why is anti-aging skincare for your hands so important? Well, it may come as a surprise, but your hands are the best way to tell your age; wouldn’t you want to keep them looking as young and smooth as possible? Here are some great Dead Sea anti-aging tips for your hands, so you can look fabulous in any age!

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Feb 16

Jericho Dead Sea Salts

Your skin wraps your entire body, keeping it whole, helping you breath, excreting toxins and so much more. Therefore, your body care should focus on skin just as much as you focus on exercising and healthy nutrition. Learn how to achieve the perfect skin that will wow them all!

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