May 25

We all wish we could have smooth youthful looking skin, free of wrinkles. Although wrinkles cannot be avoided completely, there are some things we can do to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and we don’t mean expensive dangerous procedures like Botox or plastic surgery. Rather, we suggest something much more natural, that our body already produces by itself… collagen.

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May 19

It has been said that the eyes are the mirror to our souls… whether this is true or not, eye creams and eye gels are a crucial part of our daily skincare routine. In addition, Dead Sea eye gels contain added benefits which regular eye gels or eye creams don’t contain.

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May 12

Our skin is a living organ, a web of skin cells which are constantly changing, growing and dying. Day and night our skin has to protect our bodies against heat, cold, dryness and sunlight. A daily facial moisturizer is so important because it can help our skin with its daily battle from damage, and help reduce the signs of aging.

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May 3

Mother’s day 2011 is May 8, and you don’t want to forget this day… Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate your mom and show her what she means to you throughout the year.

So to make this Mother’s Day the best she’s ever had, how about sharing a spa day as a gift? Make it even more special by creating your very own spa experience, and choose all the products that suit her skin type in advance.

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