Aug 27

After a long hot summer, fall is almost here. Now is the time to put down your swimsuit and regain your daily routine, whether it’s going back to school or getting back on track. Find out what the best products are to use so you can get the most, in the least amount of time.

No more long days of laying back and enjoying the quiet. With school starting this week, whether you are at school or have kids that go to school, your morning and evening routine needs to be carefully planned. Here are some products that can help you get the effect you want in the least amount of time, so you can start your day (or end it) feeling beautiful and more relaxed:

Makeup Removing Facial Wipes- Wipe off your makeup in seconds with Jericho Facial Wipes. With a blend of Dead Sea minerals and natural oils, Jericho’s Makeup Removing Facial Wipes removes makeup and dirt from your face and eyes, all while protecting the moisture and elasticity of the skin. These Makeup Removing Facial Wipes include natural Chamomile, Aloe, and Ginseng that brings the skin to a therapeutic calm, leaving skin looking young and healthy.

Facial Pearl Mask- Some of us can’t find half an hour during our busy schedule to apply a nourishing mask on a weekly basis (2-3 times a week). If you just don’t have enough time but still want to have radiant nourished looking skin, this is the perfect mask for you- just rub into your skin before you go to bed, and wake up looking more luminous than ever. This age defying Pearl Facial Mask will diminish the fine lines and renovate your skin. Nourishing, moisturizing and replenishing, this Jericho Dead Sea product encourages skin regeneration and restoring skin hydration.

Energizing Salt Scrub- Who doesn’t want to have soft, smooth skin all around the body? For those who want their skin to feel like velvet, but don’t have to time for spa treatments or body wraps, Jericho Energizing Salt Scrub is a life saver. Use it in the shower or while you take your bath- it only takes a few seconds and the results are amazing! Using the perfect blend of minerals from the Dead Sea, the salt scrub peels off the top layer of dead skin cells. Salt scrub also improves circulation by invigorating the skin and opening up pores.

Jericho Dead Sea Hand Crème – Is it a hand crème or something more? Having a rich crème to reach for at all times is really indispensable.  Jericho Hand Crème gives you a lasting feeling of moisturized mineral rich skin. You can also use it on your neck, wrists, arms and feet! Jericho Dead Sea Hand Crème has an abundance of rich minerals from the Dead Sea that will quickly breathe new life to your skin, restoring natural balance to your hands and improving overall natural skin regeneration.

Aug 22

Dead Sea salt is not the kind of salt you want on your dinner table. Rather, the unique mineral combination that is found in Dead Sea salt is especially beneficial as bath salts, salt scrubs, foot scrubs, body wraps, soaps, and a wide variety of other cosmetic products.

The unique settings of the Dead Sea allows us to extract Salt, which is known all over the world for its therapeutic effects. Since the beginning of time, many cultures have visited the Dead Sea in order to enjoy its therapeutic properties. The ancients Egyptians, for example, were known for utilizing the Dead Sea Salt in various ointments and soaps, just like we do today.

The Dead Sea mineral composition is very different from ocean water (only 12-18% of Dead Sea salt is sodium chloride). Analyses show that Dead Sea Salt product contains 2.5% of sodium chloride content. In comparison, 97% of the salt in normal ocean water is sodium chloride. Thus, Dead Sea salt has a vastly greater concentration of other salts, including Chloride, Bromide, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, and Potassium.

But Dead Sea salt products contain another secret:  the unique mineral combination in Dead Sea Salt products actually come from the mineral rich mud of the Dead Sea. Research made about the benefit of bathing in the Dead Sea salt solution showed   improvement in skin barrier function and reduced skin roughness and inflammation. The positive effects of bathing in the salt solution are most likely related to its high magnesium content. Other researches show the positive effects of Dead Sea Salts in patients suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, skin aging, and acne. Other conditions can benefit from the Dead Sea Salt such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis.

Jericho Skincare offers you a variety of Dead Sea Salt products. Immerse in a salty bath with Bath Salts, either coarse or fine. For deeper skin rejuvenation try our relaxing Salt Scrubs with Lavender oil or Peach and Honey. Jericho Dead Sea Salt Soap provides you with an intensely rich salt to restore tired skin. Save 21% of original price when you purchase the Dead Sea Salt Soap on our store!

Bathing in Dead Sea Salt

Bathing in a Dead Sea salt bath at home provides a deeply relaxing experience and a celebration of minerals for the skin. Jericho Dead Sea Salts are especially formulated for effective relief of skin issues and a rejuvenating experience. It is also highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension or for simply relaxing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you own it to yourself to soak in warm water filled with Dead Sea Salts and feel the tension and stress literally melt away, leaving you feeling refreshed in body and mind.

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Aug 15

Should you use body lotion or body butter? Well, it depends on your skin type, your age, the climate that surrounds you, and off course- your personal taste. If you are not sure what the differences are between lotions, crèmes and body butters, this one’s for you!

A quick look in any beauty store, including our store, reveals an abundance of skincare products.  In order to make the right choices and buy the correct products, it’s important to know the differences between them, and shop wisely for the skincare products that are right for you.

Body Lotion and Body Butter- Body butter is a cream formula that is better suited for dry skin. Body butter ingredients often include shea butter, which is a rich velvety component that moisturizes the skin much deeper then a body lotion. In comparison, body lotion is a moisturizer with a lower content of emollients, usually for normal skin. Body lotion is best in the summer time, when you are hot and sweaty, because it is light and cool. In the winter time, body butter is recommended, to help your skin restore its natural moisture and prevent cracks and dead skin cell buildup. Jericho Body Lotion comes in 3 wonderful fragrances: Vanilla, Ocean Breeze and Milk & Honey. (Buy now and save 13% off the regular price). Jericho Body Butter also has 3 wonderful and unique scents including Mango, Vanilla, and Kiwi (save 9% of retail price in our store only).

Scrubs and Exfoliants- A scrub is an all-over body treatment used to buff away dry skin. Scrubs come in various forms, scents and even different sized granules for varying degrees of dry skin. Body scrubs are usually used in the shower on thoroughly wet skin- the scrub is rubbed into the skin and then rinsed off. Jericho’s Energizing Salt Scrub with Lemon Grass, for example, can be used all over the body or just on areas with dry skin. The main difference between sugar scrubs and salt scrubs is the size of the granules. Sea salt granules are larger than sugar granules, which makes salt scrubs stronger at sloughing off dead skin cells. Jericho’s also contain mineral rich Dead Sea Salt….not just any salt! Using a body scrub is good for keeping skin healthy and soft; therefore, it is important to exfoliate skin on a regular basis, especially in dry and cold weather when the body easily loses moisture. The term exfoliation is used to refer to facial scrubs, which are much gentler then body scrubs.  Try our Peel off Mineral Mask and enjoy a deep exfoliation and a thorough cleansing.

Facial Cleansers and Toners- it is not recommended to use regular soap on your face, since it tends to dry out and harm the skin. There are several types of facial cleansers that are much more suitable for the facial skin, such as cleanser, foams and special bars like Jericho Black Mud soap, Seaweed Soap, Acne Soap, and many more. Use your choice of facial wash first, and then use toner. Toner is important to balance out the PH levels of your skin after washing, and also removing all the impurities left on your skin.

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Aug 6

Everybody’s talking about how important anti-aging treatments are, but not everyone knows that anti aging treatments should start way before your skin actually starts aging.  So now is the time to be proactive in your anti-aging regimen.

We all want to have healthy skin, and keep it healthy and vibrant over time. We’ve gathered a few basic every day tips that can dramatically improve your chances to having long lasting and true anti-aging results. Here is a simple anti-aging routine that will help you take action right now and get the skin you want.

  1. Hydrate Your Skin- Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is so important for your skin’s health. Moreover, drinking enough water is a very powerful tool in order to get the anti-aging results you strive for.  The recommendation is 6-10 glasses of water every day, increasing that amount during summer time and hot weather.
  2. Take a Deep Breath and Relax…- Having younger looking skin can be effected by your stress levels. Doctors often recommend to rest and reduce tension in order to affect the way your skin will age.  Try taking long relaxing baths with enriched Bath Salts by Jericho, to enjoy a calming experience and help your skin fight the stress away.
  3. Moisturize and Nourish Your Skin- when skin ages, it tends to become drier and less vibrant. Anti aging products help to maintain enough moisture in the skin, and nourish it with all the important minerals and oils it need to stay fresh. The Jericho Premium Series holds products that were developed especially for anti aging skincare, such as Night Crème, Day Crème, Eye and Neck Gel, Lifting Serum and more.
  4. Stop Smoking! -  Everybody knows smoking is bad for your health, but a less common known fact  is that smoking can really harm your skin. If you are serious about your anti-aging treatment (and your health), you should seriously consider quitting cold turkey!
    Smoking causes free radicals to build up and premature skin cell death, so in order to have successful anti-aging results put down that cigarette right now…
  5. Protect Yourself from the Sun- Too much sun exposure is accredited to 80% of premature skin aging symptoms. Therefore, it’s very important to practice safe UV radiation exposure, and prevent your skin from burning.
  6. Don’t Miss on Your Beauty Sleep- for some, “beauty sleep” is just a phrase, but actually, a good night sleep is very important for your skin’s health and for anti-aging. When we sleep, skin cell repair and regeneration takes place and slows the aging process. Our busy life can prevent us from getting enough sleep- never the less, try to aim for 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep a night, and you will see results on your skin over night.
  7. Notice What You Eat- beauty comes from the inside, we all know that. So in order to get a beautiful healthy skin and improve anti-aging treatment, it is advised to take care of your diet, make healthier food choices, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and consume less fat and processed foods. Make sure you eat plenty of antioxidants, which work to repair and stop damage to our skin. Antioxidants can be found in super foods such as pomegranate, beans, and berries. Also, try to minimize the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume.

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