May 1

The season is changing and this is the perfect time to refresh your skin care routine. Starting a new skincare routine can be tricky, so for it to be a successful routine you should ask questions like how much to use at start, and when? How long should you stick with a new routine to give the skin a chance to catch up? How to adjust if the skin gets too dry or too oily? Click here to learn all about it!

Dead Sea peel off mask

Jericho Peel Off Mask

Apr 21

Dead Sea products are naturally infused with minerals, making them the best way to get mineral care for your skin. Located at the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea water are so rich in minerals, that is it the saltiest reservoir in the world. Click here to read all about the Dead Sea mineral health properties!

Dead Sea mineral products
Jericho Skincare

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Apr 15

Dead Sea tonerKeeping clean skin and unlogged pores is the basic key for having clear and healthy looking skin. Recently we have been coming across many questions from customers about the importance of using a daily toner, and the difference between the Dead Sea toner and Dead Sea facial scrub. Read the entire post to find out more!

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Apr 9

All Dead Sea products contain high levels of minerals, but some are better suited then others to promote relaxation.  Here are some of Jericho most relaxing products… Click here to read the entire post!

Dead sea relaxing Skincare

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Apr 2

The effectiveness of black mud from the Dead Sea is well researched and has been shown to treat inflammatory skin disease such as psoriasis. People treated with black mud showed an improvement in symptoms, thanks to the high levels of magnesium found in the Dead Sea mud, a vital mineral that that has a soothing effect on inflamed skin…. Click here to read the entire post about Dead Sea Black Mud!

Jericho Dead Sea Black Mud

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Mar 26

The rich minerals found in the Dead Sea are a tremendous source of anti aging treatment for body and face.  Jericho Skincare Offers a variety of anti aging products to firm the skin tone it and help slow down the signs of aging. Read the full article on Jericho Skincare Blog!

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Mar 25

The healing properties of the Dead Sea and its medicinal potential include its unique water and hot springs that have been know for centuries. Many famous kings and queens use to treat their royal skin with it special powers… Read the full article on Jericho Skincare Blog!

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Mar 17

Dead Sea black Soap Review

Mar 4

Spring is all around us, and soon enough you’ll be walking around in cute sandals and flip flops. With this ultimate Dead Sea pedicure tutorial your feet will be ready for summer shoes in no time!

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer! Read it on our new blog!

Dead Sea Foot Cream

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Mar 1

Having quality facial skincare products are the key for having a healthy, plump and smooth looking complexion. However, the secret is to actually use these products after you buy them… But first things first: before your buy (and hopefully start using on a regular basis) you need to choose the right products for your skin type and skin care needs.

Read the full article on our ne blog!

Dead Sea Faoming Facial Scrub

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